Why Your Company Needs Employment Branding

by Ann Connor

In a world where over-sharing has become the norm, it can be hard to decide what companies should or shouldn’t share with the public. An article,  published on LinkedIn by J. T. O’Donnell, discusses the five things companies aren’t afraid to share and how that sharing is actually wickedly beneficial for their success. Essentially, what she is discussing at large is employment branding—a way for businesses to share the personality of their company, how they treat employees, and how they represent their brand. As, Bob Kelleher notes, it is atrifecta of success when companies utilize effective employment branding. Here are the three things employment branding could do for your company and why you need it.

1) Attract Passive Employees

By sharing stories about your company that demonstrate how exciting, enriching, and encouraging it is to be a part of that network (think Apple or Google), you wind up getting the attention of top talent that may be employed somewhere else.

2) Engage Current Employees

While these stories encourage future employees to knock on your door, it also reconfirms and inspires current employees to be proud of their position and the mission of their company. In a job market that seems to always be in flux, to have your employees feel secure about where they are at is key to keeping top talent.

3) Get Your Customers to “Live the Brand

Although the benefits of employment branding are geared towards acquiring and holding top talent, it also triples as an effective marketing strategy. If you promote your company’s personality and values via story sharing, you also encourage your consumers to do what Kelleher calls “living your brand.” Think about how passionate people are about their iPhones or the Coke vs. Pepsi debate—getting customers to live your brand creates passionate brand loyalty.

What are your thoughts on employment branding? Share with us!

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.