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Things to think about when building a PR List

We recommend compiling a list of all the media outlets and channels with whom you want to regularly share news about your business…Your Press Release List.

This makes it easy to practically “set it and forget it” each time you have a new story to send out.

With their permission, you should put them on an automated list

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9 Things You Should Never Ask Job Candidate

When you interview job candidates, you want to make sure they’re qualified for the role. But you also might be curious about them personally. However: there are certain legal restrictions that keep you from asking some questions deemed a bit too personal. Here are the top things you can’t ask anyone you’re interviewing.

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If OSHA comes knocking, do you know what to expect?

By Paula Mathews

Besides worrying about OSHA knocking on your door, which we discussed in the last blog, what else keeps employers up at night?

Not being able to attract and hire good employees. Studies have shown that, out of 100 employees, 92 will come to work every day, do their best, follow the rules, and play well with others. The other 8 have attendance issues, work harder to get out of work than to do it, always have a beef with one employee or another, and cause management 90% of their headaches.

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What is the Number One Danger to Your Company?

by Ann Connor

The Lack of or a Poor Business Plan
The Business Plan –
Not Just For Start-Up’s After All
The single most critical component that determines your company’s success or failure is your business plan. Doing one right forces you to think and plan strategically. It outlines your goals and identifies how you are going to achieve those goals and what is required to do so.

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In a recent session with a middle manager we struck something pretty profound.  Now I get paid to listen to people, help them see their motivations, goals, and then support them to get what they want.  In this particular case I had gotten some feedback from his team that at times he can be defensive and talk too much.  I asked the crew if I could support the leader to look at these things, to which they agreed.  After all, potentially making a change in this behavior would reap great energetic rewards for his teammates.

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Employee Reviews

by Anonymous

If you have employees, you are going to encounter employee problems.

The best approach to addressing issues with employees is clear, authentic communication.

Conducting powerful performance reviews is key to maintaining a positive company culture.

When to Conduct a Performance Review

Most performance reviews are held annually, however you have the freedom to hold them as often as you feel necessary. Some owners hold them every six months; some do so even more frequently.

The important thing to realize is that your employees can view performance reviews as negative. When you schedule these reviews, do it in person and explain that it’s a time to have a conversation – not a lecture – about what’s going well and what can be improved.


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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.