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Kickstart 2018: Discover what is holding you back, why, and how to avoid getting stuck “again.”

by Carol Williams

First, some questions:

  • Who’s in charge, anyway? Is it you, or is it life?
  • Are you a planner, or, are you a “go with the flow” kind of person? Why?

i) If you are a planner, what do you fear might happen without a plan? Why do things have to go “your” way? “So what” if they don’t?

ii) If you “go with the flow,” what scares you about making a plan? Is your plan too rigid? Do you fear disappointing others or perhaps not having enough room to be spontaneous?

The answer is … a little of both.

I know both kinds of people. I am definitely more in the Planner box. I love plans. I probably love plans more than is healthy for me. Why am I saying that? I’m saying that because over-planning can lead to over-scheduling. Over-scheduling can lead to stress and chaos, and ultimately, burnout. Burnout is not fun!

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The Keys to Running a Business

By Ann Connor

Running a business may be difficult, but it most certainly can pay off when done correctly. One of the keys to running a successful, home-based or on-site business knows how to implement your businesses style and strategy while also identifying who your target market is.

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How Evernote can help “the disorganized” feel organized

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Many of the kindest, most genuine, and wisest people I know have a brain structure that is labeled “AD/HD.” These are typically my favorite clients, because they are big thinkers, big dreamers, and amazing risk-takers. They also have a tendency to beat themselves up, because for their whole lives they have been told that they are not “doing it the right way.”

I have found that Evernote can really help my clients and particularly the ones who have an AD/HD-leaning brain.

Regardless of how you may wish to try on Evernote, it is imperative that you begin with a “pilot” project. For those who can relate to the never-ending distracting thoughts of living with AD/HD, this is particularly important.

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Entrepreneur Buzzword: Blue Ocean Strategy

Alicia Williams

If you’ve answered, “The competition,” then you’re not alone.

The 2016 NFIB report “Small Business Problems & Priorities” ranked the top 75 problems of small businesses in the U.S. Competition from large businesses was ranked as number 31, after a range of financial, regulatory and tax-related issues.

Source: 2016 NFIB Small Business Problems & Priorities

In addition, competition from Internet businesses was ranked as number 63 and competition from imported products was ranked as number 65.

Clearly, competition is something that keeps entrepreneurs and small business owners up at night.

But what if we told you there’s a way to create your own market — one without any competition at all?

Well, the good news is that there is!

And that requires creating a blue ocean strategy.

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Entrepreneur Buzzword: Blue Ocean Strategy

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Summertime…and the livin’ is easy….3 steps to living peacefully; conflict-free

 Or is it? Does your life change in summer? Mine sure does. With two very active children, our schedules are impacted by this change in routine. I have a teenager now, who does not drive…so….we have THAT plus “various” camps, plus vacations, long weekends, time at the beach, visitors…it seems so hard to actually WORK sometimes! Am I the only one?

Let’s start here- we’ll start in this article and keep this conversation going on our August call…

  • What are your expectations for the summer (overall)?
  • What are your work goals? Your personal goals?
  • How do you plan and prepare for the fall and winter, which will be here SO soon? What might get in the way of a smooth transition to the autumn season?

So much of the clutter in our minds begin with a lack of clear exceptions. And, while the solution to this may seem simple, when we are in the clutter of unclear expectations or conflicting goals, the solution can fade so far into the background that it becomes un-seeable.

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Small Business: Why It Rocks

By Susan Fennema

A small business can be a single freelancer all the way up to several thousand employees, depending on the industry chosen. The U.S. Small Business Administration defines small business in a very big business complicated way here. When I think of small business and the ones I love to work with, I’m usually thinking of 25 people or less.

I’ve happily worked in companies of up to about 80 employees. I also worked in a publicly traded company and in a small company that was purchased by a publicly traded company.  My happiness was definitely challenged in those environments. After living through being integrated into Publicis, the 4th largest communication company in the world at the time, I swore off big business permanently. At my exit interview, I made it clear that I never intended to work for them again – politely, but clearly. Partly, I was protecting myself by stating that for “my permanent record”. I didn’t want a weak-willed moment to result in re-employment. (I’m usually not a bridge burner.)

So, what’s the big difference? Why do I prefer to work with small business over larger ones?

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.