Things to think about when building a PR List

We recommend compiling a list of all the media outlets and channels with whom you want to regularly share news about your business…Your Press Release List.

This makes it easy to practically “set it and forget it” each time you have a new story to send out.

With their permission, you should put them on an automated list

Collect Contact Info

Continuously collect and update the following information for each publication, TV and radio station and website you wish to reach:

Editor’s and/or reporter’s name (where applicable)

Company/organization name

Mailing address

Email address(es)

Phone number

Fax number

Identify the appropriate media outlets

List key Items for each outlet you select

For example:  Note a reporter that you know as a community activist or has a specialty in consumer rights.

Ask these questions:

What type of audience does the PR source distribute its news?

Who are their ideal readers?

Do they align with your target audiences?

If your market is the twenty-somethings, you don’t need a magazine that focuses on geriatrics issues.


What areas of special interest do they write about?

How do they prefer news release submissions: via fax, email or do they have an online form?

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.