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Company Culture and the Employee Experience

Company culture has a lot to do with employee experience, and vice versa. In fact, they are essential to each other’s success: a great company culture fosters a great employee experience, and a great employee experience both reflects and fuels a great company culture. Together, they can lead to valuable business benefits like increased productivity, reduced turnover, and greater employee satisfaction.

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Management Tips

9 Steps to Improve Your Listening

Act on It! by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman has some great information for tough management challenges.  Most Managers truly believe that they are good listeners…but their employees would disagree.

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The Performance of an Attitude Matrix

by Jeff Saari

In my work I have discovered that there are two general areas for celebration and improvement with each employee.  I call these two key areas performance and attitude and I have created a matrix of four possibilities that may be helpful to managers and leaders when thinking through the current reality of their individual employees.  Here is the matrix:

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Your Pain Points

By Jeff Saari

Effective Leadership

In a session this morning my client told me that the reason he has become more effective in his leadership is because he had a ‘humbling’ experience last year.  This manager almost didn’t make it in his organization as his behavior over time had become toxic.  He first came to me after this humbling experience and he and I have done some really great, challenging and fun work together.  The humbling experience was getting 360 feedback in the organization which was largely critical, as well as being put on the chopping block if he didn’t turn around.  I like his story so much because it illustrates that 1. we can turn around, and 2. we need to know what our blind spots or pain points are in order to grow.

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How to Get to Know your Customer

By Ann Connor

Get to Know your Customer

All too often, we mistake kindness with weakness—but the mistake doesn’t lie in associating kindness with weakness but instead associating kindness with “yes, and…” behaviors. You don’t have to be spineless to be kind! In fact, sometimes doing the kind thing can be the hardest thing—like telling a current employee they may not be a good fit, after all, for the company. Sure, it may not “feel” kind, but when handled thoughtfully and explained genuinely, the end result winds up being a win-win for all involved: that employee is now free to explore a more fitting career path elsewhere and your company is now open to receiving suitable talent. Here are five other fabulous results that creating a company culture of kindness can bring:

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.