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What NOT to do to Make Friends and Motivate People—Backed by Science

by Ann Connor

In a world where we’ve become ingrained to expect rewards for good behavior and punishment for poor results, it may seem counterintuitive to tell you to abandon it all. But, after recent studies and years of research, that may be just the thing your company needs to boost creativity and progress within your business. Read on for the three things not to do in order to gain respect and motivate your employees.

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What does Happiness mean to you, and how can you truly create this as your theme of the Season?

Is this your scenario?

You know the drill. You are trying to “do it all”- meaning, you need to work to earn your living, your family needs attention, you are supposed to eat right and exercise and go to all your self-care wellness, and you are just barely holding it together. Most of the time, food is in the fridge and you are going where you need to go when you need to get there.
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To Telecommute or Not to Telecommute—That is the Question!

by Ann Connor

Working from home is trending in the workforce today. And it’s a tempting trend, no less; one you’ve undoubtedly already toyed with. But it’s easy to see why—the benefits of working from home have been touted far and wide for both employer and employee alike (No commutes! Save money! Higher productivity!). And while these are all very well and good, it might be best to weigh these pros with their often-forgotten cons to see if telecommuting really is best for you or your company.

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Did she really recommend that I procrastinate?


by Carol Williams

Let’s be real. Do you procrastinate?

If “yes” then welcome to Being Human. There is NOTHING wrong with you. (Can I stop reading now?) Procrastination is our way of avoiding something unpleasant. Our bodies and minds are saying, NO! My challenge to you is, why is it unpleasant? This question equals,

“why am I procrastinating?”

Ask yourself:

  1. What is your expectation?
  2. How did you establish said expectation? Did it come from childhood? Teachers? Supervisors?
  3. What might happen if this expectation did not exist? That you CHANGE it to another one?
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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.