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Effective Employee Exit Interview Questions

Are Employee Exit Interview Questions Actually Important?

While negative feedback can be hard to take, employees who are willing to share their genuine thoughts can be invaluable resources for improving your organization. After all, the core purpose of an exit interview is to gather honest feedback that your organization can then use to make changes and improve the employee experience.

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How Evernote can help “the disorganized” feel organized

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Many of the kindest, most genuine, and wisest people I know have a brain structure that is labeled “AD/HD.” These are typically my favorite clients, because they are big thinkers, big dreamers, and amazing risk-takers. They also have a tendency to beat themselves up, because for their whole lives they have been told that they are not “doing it the right way.”

I have found that Evernote can really help my clients and particularly the ones who have an AD/HD-leaning brain.

Regardless of how you may wish to try on Evernote, it is imperative that you begin with a “pilot” project. For those who can relate to the never-ending distracting thoughts of living with AD/HD, this is particularly important.

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Don’t Just Organize—Organize Your Mind: A Review of Daniel J. Levitin’s The Organized Mind

by Ann Connor

You lost your keys. Again. You can’t remember if you’re credit card payment is past due or early, or if that medication should be taken with or without food (you’d double check, but you forgot where you put your glasses). Sound all too familiar?

Managing the day-to-day can feel more stressful than it seems when you stack up all the almost-everyday obstacles you have to face. It can be exhausting. In fact, scientifically speaking, it is. Often times, we’re actually working against our brains, instead of with them, which results not only in all this perpetual chaos but also that feeling of “is it bedtime yet?”

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.