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How to Get to Know your Customer

By Ann Connor

Get to Know your Customer

All too often, we mistake kindness with weakness—but the mistake doesn’t lie in associating kindness with weakness but instead associating kindness with “yes, and…” behaviors. You don’t have to be spineless to be kind! In fact, sometimes doing the kind thing can be the hardest thing—like telling a current employee they may not be a good fit, after all, for the company. Sure, it may not “feel” kind, but when handled thoughtfully and explained genuinely, the end result winds up being a win-win for all involved: that employee is now free to explore a more fitting career path elsewhere and your company is now open to receiving suitable talent. Here are five other fabulous results that creating a company culture of kindness can bring:

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Management Tips

4 Ways to Build a Coaching Culture

by Michelle Connor

First, how do you know if your organization warrants developing a culture of coaching?  Ask yourself this question…Do you believe any of your employees have more potential than their current performance level?  If your answer is yes, what’s the cost to your organization of not using that potential?

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Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Workplace – by Paula Mathews

by Paula Mathews

As the US becomes more diverse and as even small companies reach out globally to employees and customers, cross-cultural understanding becomes ever more important. Most authorities recommend starting with similarities to build understanding at work, including the universal need for respect, communication, and encouragement. All employees need information about the company’s business plan, a chance to hone their skills on the job, appropriate rewards for work, and access to training and resources.

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Why Your Company Needs Employment Branding

by Ann Connor

In a world where over-sharing has become the norm, it can be hard to decide what companies should or shouldn’t share with the public. An article,  published on LinkedIn by J. T. O’Donnell, discusses the five things companies aren’t afraid to share and how that sharing is actually wickedly beneficial for their success. Essentially, what she is discussing at large is employment branding—a way for businesses to share the personality of their company, how they treat employees, and how they represent their brand. As, Bob Kelleher notes, it is atrifecta of success when companies utilize effective employment branding. Here are the three things employment branding could do for your company and why you need it.

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.