Super Strategic Strategies

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Let’s start with the how-to, shall we? (side note: You may know some of this and other strategies might be new for you. You have permission to take what works and leave the rest behind.)
 The REAL answers to your ‘Strategic Stuckness’ are embedded in the question raised earlier though, “if it’s so easy, why aren’t we all doing it?” We’ll dive deeper into THAT on our call 9/11/17, but for now, let’s jump into some effective strategies!

This is for you if ANY of these feel true:
–    You know what you need to do; you just can’t get to it all.
–    You crave balance of work life and home life.
–    You have a burning desire to get your next level, professionally.
The first step in staying focused on your Strategic Activities, is knowing what those activities are in the first place. While this may sound absurd, I know many people who block off time for the strategic, yet, when that time comes around, they find themselves procrastinating or letting other things take precedence.
Question: How often do you plan “strategically?”
Answer: As often as you need to!
Recommendation: At least once a year. You’ll then have quarterly and monthly milestones. Hint: This does NOT have to be January 1! You can start “anytime”- but many companies/teams/CEOs do this at the beginning of the calendar or fiscal year.
 Question: How do I know when I am successful?
Answer: Metrics
Recommendation: When you hit a milestone, you’ll need a way to track progress. What we measure, we move ahead in.
 Question: A year feels like a long time. What if things change?
Answer: A year is not that long, really, AND you can and should re-evaluate regularly. Where are we compared to where we wish to be? What needs to be tweaked?
Recommendation: Re-evaluate quarterly.



Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.