Motivating Your Team

Motivating your team can be as simple as giving genuine, specific praise when it has been earned.   Remembering to acknowledge your employees’ efforts in a way that singles out their contributions goes a long way to encouraging continued excellence. Individuals respond differently to motivating techniques, but complimenting a job well done motivates everyone.

A study mentioned in an article in Forbes magazine references the benefits of this tactic. The “study by Bersin and Associates revealed that companies that provide ample employee recognition have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates than companies that don’t.” By just acknowledging your team for a job genuinely well done, (general and too often repeated statements have no real impact), you can motivate your team and improve employee morale.

The piece asserts that the “delivery method” of the praise is just as important as what is said in the compliment. It is imperative that, as the person overseeing the team, you understand the members well enough to know who would benefit from public recognition and who would rather a quiet thank you, or even a quick email, to show your appreciation.

An article included on Tech Republic offers a great list of techniques for motivation and echoes the importance of recognition as a motivator. It also reminds us that: “money is never a motivator…[but] lack of money is a demotivator”; compensation does still need to be considered.

Remember also that your team wants to be doing the best job they can, people are happy when they feel like they are truly contributing to something which produces a tangible outcome. Including your team in decisions, giving them the chance to express their opinions about the project, and actually incorporating their ideas will make all the difference.

It is also important to consider the people who make up the team and the different ways in which they can be motivated as individuals. Remember: in the same way that praise affects people differently, various factors motivate your team. In addition to motivating your team as a unit, spend time supporting individual development.  Listening to your team, recognizing their efforts, and allowing them to contribute will go a long way towards motivating them.


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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.