Human Resource Tips

Attracting the right talent for your company

by Ann Connor

Having Trouble Finding the Right Staff?

Are you having trouble finding the right staff?  Have you had too few responses to your ads, or too many, not so qualified candidates?

Maybe you need to put some thought to creating an Employee Acquisition Plan.  A good employee acquisition or talent recruitment plan will consistently generate more than enough leads and attract high quality employees.  It should include the use of multiple recruitment strategies to market for employees in creative ways.


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Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Workplace – by Paula Mathews

by Paula Mathews

As the US becomes more diverse and as even small companies reach out globally to employees and customers, cross-cultural understanding becomes ever more important. Most authorities recommend starting with similarities to build understanding at work, including the universal need for respect, communication, and encouragement. All employees need information about the company’s business plan, a chance to hone their skills on the job, appropriate rewards for work, and access to training and resources.

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6 Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring

Interviewing can be fun and exciting—the thrill of adding new capabilities to your team, thoughts of growth and expansion. Yet, we seldom recognize the cost of moving too quickly. Hiring for the wrong reasons. Rushing the process.

The cost of taking time to find the right person—and pay them what they are worth—seldom exceeds the cost of retraining, decreased morale and the other costs that go along with hiring a ‘bad fit.’ We can all think of examples of an employee who didn’t really match the culture and dragged down the productivity of those around them once they were made a part of your team. With all that at stake, it’s important to engage in the interview process seriously.

Here are a few tips to make your interviews go as smoothly as possible:


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When Employees Discuss Pay by Paula Mathew

In 2014, New Hampshire passed SB 207, the Paycheck Fairness Act, that prohibits conditioning employment on a promise to refrain from disclosing wages or to waive the right to disclose wages, salary, or paid benefits, and prohibits retaliation for disclosure. In fact, even if you have employees sign a nondisclosure agreement, they still have the right to discuss pay.

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If OSHA comes knocking, do you know what to expect?

By Paula Mathews

Besides worrying about OSHA knocking on your door, which we discussed in the last blog, what else keeps employers up at night?

Not being able to attract and hire good employees. Studies have shown that, out of 100 employees, 92 will come to work every day, do their best, follow the rules, and play well with others. The other 8 have attendance issues, work harder to get out of work than to do it, always have a beef with one employee or another, and cause management 90% of their headaches.

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.