Events for Connor Business Resources and our Team of Collaborative Coaches

Join Ann Connor at Hannah Grimes Center in Keene, NH for these upcoming classes.

September  11 – 9am – 11am

Close more deals with a Sales Process that Works!

Following a sales cycle is essential when you are interacting with potential customers.  If you miss a step it could mean losing the sale.  Learn

how to create a sales process that will keep you in front of your prospects, the Right prospects!  A sales process will help you qualify the prospect, have an effective meeting and close the deal!!

October 8 – 9am – 11am

Essential Strategic Planning for the success of your business…Reaching Point Z!

Every business owner starts with a dream, an idea but at that point they’re not thinking about strategy.  Strategy is what makes that idea happen and actually grow into a business.  It guides the growth of their market share and financial standing.  In order to bring your business from point A to point Z, the focus needs to be on point Z.  This class will help you to actually create the strategy, structure and the goals needed to accomplish your dream.

November 13 – 9am – 11am

How to Keep More Money in your Business…before it flows down the drain.

Do you get the feeling that Money is like water?  It just runs through your fingers, as soon as you’re adding cash into the business it’s leaking out somewhere!  So how do you make sure you have enough cash in your business to actually keep running your business?  Creating a workable budget is the answer.  I know you’re saying “Oh Fun”.  But budgets are essential to financial success!  In this class we will create an actual budget and projections for your business that are realistic so you can hold on to some of that cash!

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.