Events for Connor Business Resources and our team of Collaborative Coaches!

Small Business Triage

Through these challenging days and the months ahead, The Connor Coaching Team has created a collaborative of industry experts to provide business advice and resource to business owners and managers in any industry. Think of it as a wellness clinic for your business!

We’ve created two ways you can benefit from these experts. The first is to join our Facebook Private Group, Business Triage, for ongoing community and a place to ask questions of the experts, to find resources, and to help each other.

The second is to join our week-long summit for businesses to learn about tools, techniques, and resources to get through this challenge and to be ready when we get back to business as usual. The week is going to be filled with great resources and information. The schedule is below. But first….

Meet our Experts

  • Ann Connor of Connor Business Resources is a national award winning business coach. Her focus is financials and cash flow.
  • Susan Fennema of Beyond the Chaos is a project management and business process expert. She helps you manage your virtual environments and build your systems.
  • Stacey Nachajski of Embrace Social U is a social media mentor and strategist. She guides you on how to use social media for your business increase visibility, sales, and impact.
  • Alyssa Pelow and Angela Earl Gray of Adaptiva HR are human resources experts. She provides personal, timely, and expert support through human resource services, employee counseling, and training and development.
  • Jeff Saari of Workplace Culture Solutions is a leadership and communication coach. His area of expertise is handling work/life balance and stress.
  • Joe Walker of Marketing Services & Event Planning is an expert in marketing, business and hospitality/travel & tourism. He is an expert at marketing plans and advertising/promotions.
  • Carol Williams of Efficient Productivity Systems is a productivity and certified Momentum coach. She works on improving productivity and keeping you focused.

Summit Schedule & Session Descriptions

Please join us for any or all of these 10 sessions. Join the Zoom meetings at https://us04web.zoom.us/j/137496006 and/or call in to 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID: 137 496 006.

Monday, March 30

12pm EDT / 9am PDT – Panel Discussion with the Industry Experts (Ann Connor, Susan Fennema, Stacey Nachajski, Jeff Saari & Carol Williams)

3pm EDT / 12pm PDT – How to Keep Cash in Your Business, led by Ann Connor

Now is the time to limit your business spending, reduce your expenses and find hidden cash. This presentation will really look at how the cash flows through your business and how to keep more of your money in your business.

Tuesday, March 31

12pm EDT / 9am PDT – Life Balance & Stress, led by Jeff Saari

3pm EDT / 12pm PDT – How to Stay Strategic When Your Brain Wants to Lock Your Cash Box After You Buy the Last Scrap of Toilet Paper, led by Carol Williams

Wednesday, April 1

12pm EDT / 9am PDT – Overcome Distancing with Improved Communications, led by Susan Fennema

Challenged on team communications when you are not physically together? There are tools and techniques to establish communications with your team – even with distance. After working virtually for 10 years as a project manager and business owner, Susan will share the whats and the whys of virtual communication and how it can help drive team rapport long term. Then, she’ll take questions from the attendees on the hows. Please bring your specific team communication challenge! We will invite you in to share your specific instance, and do as much one-on-one coaching as possible during the session, allowing everyone to see the application of the tools and techniques.

3pm EDT / 9am PDT – Connection Isn’t Cancelled: What to Say on Social Media in Uncertain Times, led by Stacey Nachajski

Business is not running as usual right now, and you may be wondering what you should be saying on social media. What is too much? Is it inappropriate to sell right now? What do people even want to see from me? You’ll learn strategies to get your creative juices flowing to create content that connects with your online community, keeping you top of mind when things turn around. And, how to shift your mindset and messaging so you don’t TURN OFF potential clients and customers. Your ideal customer is online now more than EVER! Learn how to come from a place of service to build lasting relationships and raving fans online!

Thursday, April 2

12pm EDT / 9am PDT – Guerrilla Marketing, led by Joe Walker

This session will focus on marketing…the lifeline to any business’ success. Studies show that companies that commit to marketing during down or slow times come out of those times ahead of their competitors who did not do marketing. Why? Because their message is already out there and known to the consumers who are now ready or in need of the product or service. One of the common push backs from company owners though is, “I can’t afford to do marketing now”, “I need to save my money just in case”, among other reasons. There are effective, low cost methods to marketing, typically called guerrilla marketing tactics. If you are unfamiliar with what guerrilla marketing is then this session might be just for you. We will discuss why marketing now is important to your businesses survival and try to come up with some strategies that will work for you on a budget.

3pm EDT / 9am PDT – Navigating Employment Changes and Employee Communication in Response to COVID-19, led by Alyssa Pelow & Angela Earl Gray

During this challenging time, we are here to support businesses around any human resources related questions and how you can effectively communicate the rapid changes to your employees. For this hour we’d like to discuss the following topics: communicating with employees who are working on site and employees who are working remotely, navigating layoffs and unemployment, how to maintain morale/connections/communication, the importance of self care/modeling, and resources for employees.

Friday, April 3

12pm EDT / 9am PDT – Systems for a Fast Start, led by Susan Fennema 

Call them processes, procedures, protocols, SOPs, or systems. But, they’re what you need for a streamlined business that runs consistently and without chaos. This forced pause is a great opportunity to build those systems. With over 30 years of process development experience, Susan will walk you through how to identify where you need a system, how to help you remove bottlenecks, streamline, clarify, share, store, and manage processes. Learn how living, breathing systems not only create company growth, but evolve with it. Bring your questions about something you’ve been wanting to systematize and she’ll save some time at the end to walk through a few examples, allowing everyone to see how to apply the techniques.

3pm EDT / 9am PDT – Strategy for the Future, led by Ann Connor

Business feels like it has come to a dead halt but it has not. This is a great time to work on strategies, long-term planning and goals. This presentation will show you the steps that you will need to take in order to look at your business from many different views, create systems and efficiencies and hit the ground running when the world opens up.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.