Don’t Just Organize—Organize Your Mind: A Review of Daniel J. Levitin’s The Organized Mind

by Ann Connor

You lost your keys. Again. You can’t remember if you’re credit card payment is past due or early, or if that medication should be taken with or without food (you’d double check, but you forgot where you put your glasses). Sound all too familiar?

Managing the day-to-day can feel more stressful than it seems when you stack up all the almost-everyday obstacles you have to face. It can be exhausting. In fact, scientifically speaking, it is. Often times, we’re actually working against our brains, instead of with them, which results not only in all this perpetual chaos but also that feeling of “is it bedtime yet?”

That’s the theory behind Levitin’s The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload, where Levitin breaks down the many complex and wildly fascinating ways our mind works when it comes to processing, storing, and retrieving information (all things we must do when looking for that pesky, ever-disappearing remote control). Turns out, when we work against our brains—by having a disorganized lifestyle or operating within a cluttered system of habits—we cause our brains to work harder than they have to. But thanks to Levitin, and the many life hacks he presents in this life-changing book, we can begin to work in tandem with our brains by following certain systems, habits, and schedules that make it process information more efficiently.

So if you’re thinking your office space could use a little decluttering, or that your wallet has become so over-flowed its almost useless, read The Organized Mind for tips and hacks to help you not only get sorted, but to sort the brain’s way.

Already read it? Tell us about your experience and if any of Levitin’s tips worked for you!

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.