Are you working way too hard? The secret to Simplifying your Life in 2021 is easier than you think.

by Carol Williams

You try hard. You follow the steps. Sort of. Mostly, you procrastinate. If only you could do it, like everyone else. You know how. So, what’s wrong with you?

As it turns out, there is quite likely nothing “wrong” with you. What could be hurting you, however, is your “mindset.” What do I mean?

  • You might believe that you just need to work harder and you will get ahead.
  • You might believe that you are in charge of your aging parent(s) and this means you cannot succeed in your own work/create a life you love.
  • You might believe that all you need to do is get better at scheduling your work, and your “monkey-mind” will calm down.

The really tricky part is that some portion of each bullet above can be pretty true. So, what is the issue? Let’s break them down, one by one.

  • Working hard is important to being successful. Here is the caveat. Many people do not really know, deep down, what they mean by “getting ahead.” Their vision is cloudy at best. “I want to make my business successful.” What does this mean…. exactly?? In terms of profit, in terms of lifestyle, in terms of the difference you make in someone’s life?
  • Helping your aging parent(s): Helping our family – particularly our aging parents – is no joke. It takes a lot of heart, soul, time, and attention. Finding the right place – that place that aligns with your value of what you want regarding YOUR life and theirs can be ever-evolving. For help with this “can of worms” bullet point, please contact my good friend and colleague Wendy Tadducci HERE. She is starting her next 6 week program on Jan 18th so don’t delay! For our purposes in this article, simply know that YOU are in charge of decisions when they affect YOU. And most will.
  • Time Management can be a real farse. Life is much more than a schedule. And a schedule/to-do list can actually work against you when you’re not mindful about what is on it. A to-do list that contains energy-zapping tasks that are not in your zone of genius can be downright draining. In this scenario, you’re procrastinating, watching yourself fail time after time, and losing momentum and drive. A no-win situation. Then you tell yourself, “I just need better scheduling/time management skills.” No, you don’t. You need to stop doing things that are killing your spirit.

Contrast these 3 mistakes with the opposite scenario. You know what you want (you have defined success on your terms), you know what your role is in relationship to your family and love it, and you are clear about what is allowed on your to-do list.

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.