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Are you working way too hard? Part two

The secret to making YOUR life work (like other people’s!) is easier than you think.

by Carol Williams

In part one of this blog, we discussed the hamster wheel of life and how to get off. We talked about what’s working for you and what’s not (which you can assess here: Productivity Success Cake.) And we covered committing to taking control with a calm mind.

So now let’s dig a little deeper into how you can design and create the life you want to live, purpose-led and heart-centered, and balanced throughout.

Why would you bother designing your life?

The answer is plain and simple, if YOU don’t take charge and design your life how you want it, you’ll be permanently stuck on that hamster wheel, just trying to keep up. Life will be what goes on around you while you’re battling to stay afloat. It doesn’t have to be like this.

You have a chance to live your IKIGAI.

What is IKIGAI? It’s a fun AND effective way to uncover what you really want. Ikigai requires introspection, and a true commitment to changing your life – out with the old, in with the new.

It’s an exciting prospect, right?

Ikigai helps you identify your purpose in life. With that newfound sense of purpose, you will begin to live each day with meaning and motivation. You’ll be focused and clear on what you want, and you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Key elements to Ikigai

When you’re working on your Ikigai, you should focus on your values, your morals, your ethics, and your truth. In order to live in a truly authentic way, in alignment with self, pay close attention to this area. These elements will influence all the others.

The main areas of focus are:

  • What you love
  • What you are good at
  • What the world needs
  • What you can get paid for

Then you drill deeper into the overlapping areas of:

  • Your passion
  • Your mission
  • Your profession
  • Your vocation

It’s worth spending some real time with your Ikigai. It’s likely some things will come to you easily and quickly, but other areas may take some time and reflection to truly get to the core.

How does your Ikigai reflect your current circumstances?

If you’re living a life that is so far removed from your Ikigai, it’s no wonder you feel trapped on that hamster wheel. If your profession jars with your core values, for example, you’ll likely feel lost and overwhelmed, and unhappy.

The more we use our Ikigai to influence our decision making, the more aligned we become with our truth. And this helps us to design the life we were meant to live.

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.