5 Ways/Reasons to Grow with Social Media

There are many reasons why a business owner will use Social Media.  You must first determine the purpose of Social Media for your business.  Then you can use it to address your needs.

Here are ways to grow Social Media for the specific goals:

Relationship Building

This is the best part of social media. Write about topics that you’re passionate about and at the same time, turn visitors into raving fans.

  • Create posts that prospects enjoy… what’s important to them?
  • Follow what you are doing… Track the results and comments.

Watch for followers that become bigger fans and loyal/repeat customers. This encourages readers to become spokespeople for your business. They will soon influence their friends and peers to also do business with you

Brand Building

A positive presence in social networks raises:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Boosts recognition
  • Enhances recall
  • Increased loyalty for your organization

An example of creating Brand Awareness is to use your posts to reinforce the mission for which your business exists.  People will remember what you stand for when you share your mission; this creates loyal customers and followers.


It’s easy to get the word out in social media. Share, Tweet, Post to your Social Media sites every time you have something exciting or important to share.

  • Share special events and successes happening at your business.
  • Post pictures, followers love visuals!  It’s a great way to connect!
  • Use this free publicity to announce a new services/product line or new members of your team.

Even use positive posts to modify or address any negative perceptions.  Always address negative posts right away so customers know that they are being heard.


People love special deals. Consider the coupon craze and the power of giving your loyal fans exclusive discounts.

  • Offer exclusive “invitation-only” or “see-it-first” events.
  • Invite your customers, fans to join your circle where they can see what’s new with you

Note: if you are using Google+ it does not allow contests on business pages.

Market Research

Think of social media as a great place to learn about your customers and find niche audiences.

For example: Just type the phrase “dog food” or another term pertinent to your customers into Twitter.

Here are some other tools:

  • twinitor – twitter search and monitoring
  • Google Alerts – monitor the web for interesting new content
  • Facebook – connect with people around the world

Bonus Tip: Follow the Social Media 80/20 rule

The first biggest mistake many entrepreneurs and marketers make is talking solely about how wonderful they are!  Just think of that person who monopolizes the conversation…you begin to tune them out right?

  • Nobody wants to be “spammed” like this in social media
  • Balance your promotions with rich content
  • Spend 80% of your efforts on being fun and helpful
  • Spend 20% of your efforts promoting

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.