5 Ways to RECONNECT with previous customers

by Ann Connor

Do not hesitate or over-think it.  Reach Out to previous customers now.

Ask yourself; when was the last time you picked up the phone and called someone with whom you’ve lost touch?

Chances are it’s been months, even years, since you’ve reconnected with a previous customer or associate.

Making that first call after a long time isn’t easy. The key is to think about how to begin the conversation.  And which of the customers are best to make that reconnection; what made you lose contact in the first place?

Here are five helpful ways to make reaching out easier and more valuable.


  1. Just make the call.

Simply pick up the phone and call the customer you’ve been thinking about.  Say, “I was thinking about you and wondered how you’re doing.”

It really is that easy!  Then, let them answer. Don’t feel like you must fill the silence!

Most people who receives this type of call will be complimented.   Make a goal to make three calls like this each week.

  1. Pass along information.

Look for articles about their industry, company or areas of interest.  You could say, “I saw this article in the paper and wondered how you’re doing.”

You could even search the Internet for information on your client or their company, then pick up the phone after finding something noteworthy that applies to them; the pass it along.


  1. Be sure to provide value.

Perhaps you can make an introduction or even a referral.

Ask yourself… “Whom can I introduce my clients to who might be able to help them?” Once you’ve thought of folks, pick up the phone with the purpose of assessing your client’s interest in meeting the person you have in mind.

  1. Call before an upcoming event.

If you’re hosting an upcoming event, make that the reason for calling inactive customers. Not only can you invite them to your event; you can also ask for their ideas on what would interest them. Suggest to meet for breakfast or lunch on the day of the event or get together later.

Even if clients tell you they cannot attend, you still have the perfect reason to reconnect by telephone or perhaps over coffee.

  1. Visit the clients at work.

Instead of a phone call, drop in for a visit!  Request a tour of their operation; gain knowledge on what has changed since you last worked with them.

Customers will feel complimented that you have taken an interest in their work.

Some successful business owners maintain that in-person visits are their best marketing tool.

Review these points the next time you’re uncomfortable about reconnecting with a previous client.

Bottom-line is to MAKE THE CALL!

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.