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Discipline Tips to Protect Your Company

Guest blog from Pamela A. Restrepo, Communication Specialist, HRIS Payroll Software: http://www.hrispayrollsoftware.com/Having clear-cut guidelines regarding behavior and expectations can help a company to establish consistency. However, when rules are broken or expectations are not met, companies often fail to follow through with that consistency as it relates to discipline. This can lead to general dissatisfaction among employees and managers, workers’ compensation claims by terminated employees, and even lawsuits. To avoid these unfortunate situations, it is important to formulate a strategy regarding discipline and stick to that strategy in every single situation. The following tips may be helpful when establishing a disciplinary strategy.

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5 ways to improve your cash flow

Consistent, healthy cash flow is key to the success of any business.  This allows a business owner to invest in growth when times are good and keep operations running smoothly when sales are slow. Nearly all businesses can find ways to improve their cash flow, many of which only require small changes to your processes.

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by Jeff Saari

I am supporting a manager in a company currently who was on the rocks with his team.  He was even on the track to be fired until I was called in to facilitate a transformation in his leadership.  Now before I make it all about me, I tell you it takes two to make a transformation happen:  my support and his willingness.  Both were clearly there 100% out of the gate.  The shock of the initial feedback about his performance and attitude quickly gave way to an appetite for growth.  Over a couple months things began to turn around.

When meeting with him last week he said something truly profound, that he takes a ‘calculated pause’ now.  I was blown away.  This pause is so subtle yet so powerful.  Before I came into the picture he would react to his frustrations and anxieties by being negative.  He was part of the problem, which he didn’t see.  As we went through some of the feedback he received from a 360 degree report, as well as the feedback I was able to ascertain working with his team without him, he began to take a critical look at how his strong negative emotions were wreaking havoc in his team.  It goes without saying that this manager has done some pretty intense and amazing work in a short time to effect an almost complete turnaround.  Mastery takes time and I told him last week that I believe he is at the point where he won’t regress back to old behaviors because he is onto himself and he values being a supportive and engaged leader.

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Clear Communication: Saying No

By Susan Fennema

Your custom-software project is nearing its end. But, the client is already submitting bugs, tweaks, and flat-out changes. You are out of time and out of resources, but the client wants MOAR. Saying no and setting clear expectations along the way could have helped you. But, now what?

Saying no at the end seems disingenuous. It can create fear, uncertainty, and anger. But, at some point, avoiding the hard conversations will result in even more of those bad feelings.  The key is not to necessarily out and out say no. It’s to set expectations, and then to use clear communication with consequences.

So, here are some steps to manage things at the crazy end:

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.

Let our experts help you navigate your small business.