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The Economy of Emotions

by Jeff Saari

I have been hearing lately in many places this notion of the economy of motion, that is making each movement as efficient as possible.  So if you are weight lifting for instance, or running, you don’t want to waste energy in inefficient body movements.  Not only do you not get the benefit of the gains you want, you can get injured as well.  So I was thinking about how this may apply to the emotional world.

In a recent blog I mentioned how an adverse feeling like embarrassment can lead us to take actions like acquiescence, avoidance, going small.  However, when I ask people, these are not usually the actions they really want to take, so to me this is an inefficient way to deal with the strong negative emotions.  One woman in a recent workshop blurted out that is just seems so natural to purvey these ineffective actions.

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5 Ways to RECONNECT with previous customers

by Ann Connor

Do not hesitate or over-think it.  Reach Out to previous customers now.

Ask yourself; when was the last time you picked up the phone and called someone with whom you’ve lost touch?

Chances are it’s been months, even years, since you’ve reconnected with a previous customer or associate.

Making that first call after a long time isn’t easy. The key is to think about how to begin the conversation.  And which of the customers are best to make that reconnection; what made you lose contact in the first place?

Here are five helpful ways to make reaching out easier and more valuable.


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Project Management Talent and Its Evolution

By Susan Fennema

I’ve demonstrated project management talent my whole life. I remember things I did as early as 3 years old that were clear signs. And, I was in jobs where I was project managing without even realizing it. But, the first time my job title was “Project Manager” was in 2010… that was 22 years after my career path began.

There isn’t a college major for project management – at least not at my school. I was a journalism major, and that writing ability has served me well. You can become a certified project manager through the Project Management Institute if you believe that is necessary. (I do not.)

Many of us evolve to this career path as you learn in your various roles that you have, as Liam Neeson would say, “a very particular set of skills.”

Hopefully, by understanding some of your natural project management talent, you will be able to either move toward a project management career earlier – or acknowledge that it is part of the role you are playing in your other jobs. So, what are these talents and how did I recognize them in my personality and my God-given talent?

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Management Tips

Why do entrepreneurs fear vacation? What can be done about it?

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 According to Inc. Magazine, there are 3 main things entrepreneurs fear about taking a vacation. Do any of these resonate with you?
  • fear of being replaced
  • facing what we “left behind” (like our family)!
  • getting off the treadmill

Fear: it can be both a motivator and a cause for procrastination. Fear can have a mysterious hold on us. In this case, let’s go through the fears listed above, and demystify them.

Fear of Being Replaced: What is this one all about? I know that as an employee, I feared being replaced while being out on maternity leave, which is a real concern. But will a week really make a difference? If so, perhaps you should assess your value to your market and your unique offering.

Facing what we left Behind: This one is telling. If we leave behind our family then fear reconnecting with them, it seems that other issues must be addressed. For example, what expectations does your family have of you, and you of your family since you are an entrepreneur? It can be a lonely life sometimes, and not every family can ride the wave of an entrepreneur’s life.

Getting off the treadmill: Here we are talking about re-assessing. Vacation generally means we have time away from our “regular” lives, where we find a new perspective. It can be refreshing and rejuvenating (which is the whole purpose, really). But when we are forced to stop doing what we do every day, it can also be a little scary. Lean into this fear, entrepreneur, and stay nimble!

Overall, the science says vacation is a good thing. More unplugging leads to a creative mind. The creative mind is one thing that can’t be outsourced.

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Being the Leader Your Business Needs

By Ann Connor

The business world is competitive and forever changing. In order to rise above the competition business owners need to learn how to become the most effective leaders they can be. Keeping up with evolving marketing methods and changing technologies while also leading your team to success, is oftentimes too much weight to bare. There are some leaders that have this unbearable weight on their shoulders and as a result, they tend to bring down those around them. Due to high failure rates of startup businesses, strong willed and educated leadership is a prerequisite. Figuring out how to become the kind of leader that employees and associates can depend on, is the best way to create and maintain a successful and potentially lucrative network.

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Let our experts help you navigate your small business.